Content Creator Program Guide

The Edufy Content Creator Program (hereinafter the “Program”) was established to give Content Creators a platform to display all of their content(s) in one place. Further, the Program enables Content Creators to easily be discovered and get paid for their work. Through the Program, you can share all your media(s) in one place either for free or for a fee from the Services.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  1. Create an account
  2. Agree to and follow the Edufy Content Creator Agreement
  3. If video content, must be 720p or better
  4. For both audio and video content, uploaded Contributions must be at least thirty (30) seconds long


“Content Creator” is a user that has been verified by MyTech to join the Edufy Content Creator Program. Content Creators upload their own original content to the Services.

“Channel” is a designated area running on the MyTech Platform where Content Creators develop, maintain, and distribute their content. Once you join the Program, you will be given your own designated Channel assigned to your Account where you will post your Contributions. You will also be able to create additional Channels under your Account.

“Contribution” means your original content that you make available via the Services.

“Linked Channel” means that you have voluntarily agreed to link one or more of your Channels to a third-party Network for visibility.

“Network” is a highly visible brand or personality that serves as a content aggregator to showcase professional content and help new Content Creators get discovered.

“Premium Content” is Content Creator owned content that end users must use their MyTech Credits in order to unlock access.

“Services” means the online services available on the MyTech Platform.

“MyTech Credits” is a marketing term used to denote the level of access a user has paid for in order to unlock Premium Content on the MyTech Platform.

MyTech Platform” means all of the platforms and services offered on the MyTech online digital entertainment environment, including but not limited to, and such other platforms and services as may be offered by MyTech in the future.

Program Overview

All content, free and premium, lives on a Channel, which holds similar themed content for the Content Creator. Content Creators set their own pricing fees for Premium Content in the content manager. A Channel can hold articles, writeup, video, audio, or podcasts and/or any combination of that. A Content Creator can have as many Channels as they’d like, with each one containing related types of content.

Monetization Qualifications and FAQS

  1. The commission fees are divided as follows:
  2. Description Affiliate Content Creator MyTech Platform
    Sales from Affiliate 25% 35% 40%
    Sales from Content Creator 0 60% 40%
    Sales from MyTech Platform 0 35% 65%
  3. To qualify for a monetization account, you must:
    1. Publish one (1) or more pieces of content to the Services
    2. Be able to provide your bank account details and/or link your wallet to any local Malaysian bank account
    3. Have NO active “Dilemmas” on your account (see below FAQs)
    4. Own and/or have full distribution rights to all of your content
  4. Receiving your funds:
    1. MyTech provides payment to Content Creators following as mentioned in Content Creator Agreement
    2. Payments are processed via MyTech bank account.
    3. Minimum payment as low as a user subscribe your Contributions
    4. Want to get more out of the MyTech experience? Continue reading to learn how to link your Channels to a Network.

How to Start Receiving Payments

Complete the steps below after creating your Account to receive MyTech payments.

  1. Connecting Your Bank Account
  2. To successfully receive payments from MyTech, you need an active account with any Malaysian local banks. When key in your account info to your MyTech Account, make sure that you correctly enter the email address and/or mobile contact associated with the account. This profile contains all key pieces of information which control payments for your MyTech Account. Please note that you are responsible for all transaction fees. These will be passed down to you from MyTech.

    Our system may require you to verify your account by providing additional identification or proof of address. If this requirement applies to you, any MyTech payouts released during the verification time will be deposited into your Account after verification. During that time, MyTech will notify you through email or mobile that there is an error. Please note that it typically takes up to three (3) local banking business days for verification of a new account.

  3. Who gets paid
    1. The name and address of the person or company payments are issued to.
    2. Tax information. Additional info will be required from time to time for all content creators who wish to monetize their content.
    3. Contacts. The name and contact information for people associated with your profile.
  4. Receiving Payments
  5. When your account is active and ready, it will allow you to receive MyTech payments directly to your account.

  6. Meet the payment threshold
  7. If your current balance reaches the payment threshold, latest by the 11;59pm end of the month, a ten (10) MyTech business days-day payment processing period begins. MyTech will issue you a payment within this processing period.

  8. Linking Channels to Networks
  9. Get the most out of MyTech by linking your Channels to a Network. By joining a Network, your brand-relevant Contributions will enjoy boosted traffic under a high-profile Network, where you significantly increase your likelihood of being discovered.

  10. Abandoned Property
  11. If your Account page indicates there has been an adjustment for abandoned property, MyTech has sent the balance of your income to your designated bank account. MyTech does this when we believe an account has been abandoned. We consider an account abandoned if there has been no activity like have not signed in to your Account or successfully received a payment from your account more than a year from last payment generated activity.

    MyTech recommends you sign into your Account on a regular basis, so we know your intention is to keep your Account active. Also, if your Account balance has met the payment threshold, ensure that you have met all conditions to get paid.

Content Creator Program FAQs

Yes, you retain full ownership of your content.

No, you’re free to post your content wherever you like.

No, content posted on the Service is only available for users to stream.

A Content Creator can create as many Channels as they want in an effort to better organize their Contributions into Channels of similar interests.

A Channel can only be linked to one Network at a time, but a Content Creator can have multiple Channels linked to different Networks.

You can remove your Contributions from the Service at any time, but doing so will impact your revenue. In a commitment to our users, we ensure that any Premium Content is available to them for no less than sixty (60) Gregorian calendar days from the date they first access it. If you remove that piece of Premium Content, you won’t receive payment from any user that did not have access to the content for the full abovementioned day window.

Account “Dilemmas” are issued when MyTech is notified of a violation of the Terms of Service or the Content Creator Agreement. Sometimes content is removed for reasons other than guidelines violations, such as the safety of the person who posted or appears in a video, a first-party privacy complaint, court order, or other issues. Some severe infractions such as spamming, nudity or sexually explicit content, hate speech, bullying and/or other infractions that MyTech in their sole discretion deems severe enough may result in immediate account termination at MyTech’s sole discretion.

A “Dilemmas” is given to a Content Creator or a user if the MyTech Rules Group determines that a violation of some sort has taken place. All content that is in violation of the MyTech Terms of Service or the Content Creator Agreement is immediately taken down, the user / content owner is made aware of the violation and the Dilemmas. A Dilemmas can disappear from the account after ninety (90) Gregorian calendar days if there are no further violations during this time period. However, another violation within the said period will result in a second Dilemmas, and the account will incur a suspension for a period of time determined by the MyTech, but not less than fourteen (14) Gregorian calendar days. When the user account is restored after the second Dilemmas suspension, it will be under “Conditional Probation”. If the user violates the terms again, for any reason, within one (1) year; the account will be permanently deleted.

Yes. It is open for all. Please advise that for non-Malaysian carefully read about payment related procedures for better understanding.

You must inform us immediately for better service. Usually it takes up to three (3) MyTech business days for our finance department to acknowledge such changes. To be advised, do arrange your kind actions properly for better arrangements.
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