Empower your English Upper Secondary Teaching Skills Part 1

Boost English Secondary teaching skills! Our program empowers educators with effective strategies for impactful and engaging language instruction.

Instructor: Mohamad Khidir Bin Mohamed Yazir

Empower Your English Upper Secondary Teaching Skills Part 1!

Join our program, Empower Your English Lower Secondary Teaching Skills Part 1 by Sir Khidir, and elevate your proficiency as a tutor! Our videos encompass comprehensive guidance for teaching.

Programme Description:
- An engaging compilation of videos covering complete teaching guidance for English.
- Effective tips and techniques to make the teaching process more interactive and rewarding.
- Special focus on lower secondary students to enhance their achievements.

- Elevate teaching and educational skills with effectiveness.
- Develop interactive strategies to increase students' interest in learning English.
- Create a supportive and enjoyable learning environment.
- Share best practices and implementations in English teaching.

Why Choose Us?
- Specifically tailored guidance for teaching English to upper secondary students.
- Easy access to quality videos anytime.
- Experienced educators providing quality guidance and advice.
- Online learning support to aid skill improvement.

Develop your English teaching skills! Enroll in the Empower Your English Upper Secondary Teaching Skills Part programme now!



This curriculum and syllabus guidelines aim to help you

  • provide quality teaching 
  • ensuring tutors have clear guidelines and follow the right standard.

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Course Information: Course method: recorded Course mode: oneoff Price: RM10.00 Video(s): 25 videos
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