English Made Easy - English Lesson for Adults

English Made Easy is a carefully crafted language course to assist the language learners with reading, writing as well as speaking skills. This course will help hone your skills and increase your confidence using the English language in both professional and individual settings.

Instructor: Nurul Salwanie

I go to the shop yesterday.


I went to the shop yesterday.


"Good grammar is like personal hygiene – you can ignore if you want, but don’t be surprised when people draw their conclusions."

No one can deny the importance of mastering grammar in order to use English fluently and learning grammar is always considered as tedious and monotonous.

However, in this course, the topics are structured accordingly which cater the needs of Pre A1 users. More interactive and friendly learning activities will be used in the lessons to make learning easy and fun! 

The aims of this course are : 

  • Students will heighten their awareness of correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking.
  • Students will improve their speaking ability in English both in terms of fluency and comprehensibility.
  • Students will improve their writing skills in professional ways such as ; Report Writing, Email Writing as well as Resume. 
  • Students will be exposed to most commonly used words in English and how to apply them in correct settings.  

If you are looking to learn English from basic, this course is meant for you! 

We provide :

1) Weekly notes & worksheet

2) Recordings on the lessons for revision

3) 24-hour guidance from the trainer


Grab this opportunity and hope to see you in class!






Overview of the course and the first session of Module 1 Pronunciation - vowels and consonants

In this lessons, the students will be exposed to two important tenses in English. They will learn how to differentiate the forms and how to use them confidently in both speech and writing. 

In this lesson, the students will learn the use of Future Tense (will / be going to) in sentences. 

In this lesson, the students will be exposed to the forms and usages of Present Perfect Tense in their daily life.  Plus, they will see the differences between Present Perfect and Simple Past. 

In this module, the students will be exposed to the forms and uses of these two tenses in English. Next, there will be some speaking as well as writing activities to enhance their understanding on the use of tenses in real life situations.

In this module, the students will be exposed to some questions asked by the potential employers during interview. Then, they will use two different tenses in writing their resumes. 

In this module, the students will be exposed to the techniques and steps in preparing a formal email. 
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