Japanese Language Course - Basic (Level 1)

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Instructor Haneza Binti Ab Hamid

This Basic Japanese Language Course is for beginner and zero knowledge on Japanese language.  We will learn the fundamental in learning Japanese, which are, basic Japanese writing systems, how to introduce ourselves, and having simple daily conversations.  Please look at our Road Map table below πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½

You will learn to read and write using the Japanese writing system:  Hiragana and Katakana.
Learn everyday daily words and expressions. 

Learn to greet and give simple self-introduction to people you meet. Then, learn to ask and answer basic information such as name, hometown, etc.  Briefly talk about things you like.
Hiragana and katakana practice.

Learn to tell someone about your daily life and your plan.  Expand conversations about familiar topics by adding follow-up questions. Talk about the frequency of actions in daily life. 
Practice hiragana and katakana.

Ask and answer simple questions about family structure.
Ask and answer questions about things someone did in the past.
Invite your friends to an event and decide on the details. 

Students who joined this course need to join the WhatsApp group to submit the assignments given and may ask any questions related to the lessons.

  • Do your shopping and order food by referring to things around you.
  • Briefly describe things around you.
  • Share impressions about things you have done.
  • Talk about how to do something.

Describe who or what is in a place that you are familiar with.
Describe in detail a place that the listener does not know well.
Ask and answer questions about the locations of things and people.

Talk in detail about things around you and things you want.
Talk in detail about presents you have given and received.
Talk about what you want to do.

Ask and answer questions about preferences, skills, and abilities.
Talk about the reason for or purpose of an activity.
Ask and answer questions about plans in casual speech
Request a favor or ask for permission with the appropriate level of formality.

Talk about past events in casual speech.
Talk about a situation in detail by providing more explanation.
Give impressions and opinions on a familiar topic.
Report on things you have heard people say.
Talk about experiences.

Ask and answer questions about changes in yourself and things around you.  
Compare three or more things and talk about which you think is at the top of a main category.
Compare two things and talk about differences and similarities.
Contrast two things to express your opinion about something.
Course Information: Course mode: subscription Price: RM80.00/4 credits Session(s): 10 Class Frequency: 1/week
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